The Guardian: The attack at a country music festival in Las Vegas that left at least 58 people dead is the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history – but there were six other mass shootings in America this past week alone.

No other developed nation comes close to the rate of gun violence in America. Americans own an estimated 265m guns, more than one gun for every adult.

Data compiled by the Gun Violence Archive reveals a shocking human toll: there is a mass shooting – defined as four or more people shot in one incident, not including the shooter – every nine out of 10 days

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Students from BA Graphic and Media Design at LCC year 03 worked with data provide by the Faculty of Public Health


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Food for thought: How does one ingredient become linked to one place?

That’s one question artists Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin had in mind when they hatched their “food map” series—a collection of country and continent maps made using ingredients synonymous with those regions. Think India rendered in spices, New Zealand in kiwifruit, South America in citrus.

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Visual Rhetoric explores how bridging social sciences, art and design can yield new ways of thinking and knowing as well as communicating social research to different audiences that invites dialogue, influences policy and generates economic and social value.

Through a cycle of meetings between the LCC and the LSE since 2008, designers and researchers have worked together and produced a variety of posters and short films, all providing interesting starting points for a dialogue on the role of design in data visualization and the research process.

This collaboration ceased in 2013


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Students from LCC’s Post Graduate Diploma Design for Visual Communication are working with the Tate on their Tate Sensorium project.

Throughout the duration of the project the Tate will be collecting data from the public (through wrist monitors) as they experience Tate Sensorium. This data will be measurements of their heart rate and skin conductivity.

Students will be visualising this data – to produce content for Tate’s social channels and website.

Postgraduate Diploma Design for Visual Communication


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A place for visual representations of data: Graphs, charts, maps, etc.

DataIsBeautiful is for visualizations that effectively convey information. Aesthetics are an important part of information visualization.

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Ebola for beginners: Twitter map outlines some elementary geography A rudimentary graphic has hit a nerve online by demonstrating that most of continent is free of the deadly virus – although critics say it stigmatises affected country.





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An exhibition curated by Signal Noise
Almost every part of our lives, from medicine to music, is now shaped, informed or controlled in some way by algorithms. They have become one of the most powerful forces shaping the 21st century, but remain invisible and impenetrable to all but a few. As part of London Design Festival 2014, Signal Noise are curating a selection of static, motion and interactive visualisations which explain how algorithms work and reveal the hidden systems and processes that make the modern world tick.
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Interactive Content

Graphs and maps are a great way of making statistics memorable and meaningful. ‘A picture paints a thousand words’, making a well-designed graph or map an excellent way to share a statistical story. The graphs and maps on this page include interactivity and animation, allowing you to engage with ONS data and explore what is important for you. These graphics are in a variety of formats, please check the description on each item for viewing compatability with your system. For those items in Adobe Flash format please ensure you install the latest version for your device from To contact the ONS Data Visualisation Centre for more information about the products shown here or for other enquiries please contact datavis@ons

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