Visual Rhetoric explores how bridging social sciences, art and design can yield new ways of thinking and knowing as well as communicating social research to different audiences that invites dialogue, influences policy and generates economic and social value.

Through a cycle of meetings between the LCC and the LSE since 2008, designers and researchers have worked together and produced a variety of posters and short films, all providing interesting starting points for a dialogue on the role of design in data visualization and the research process.

This collaboration ceased in 2013


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Students from LCC’s Post Graduate Diploma Design for Visual Communication are working with the Tate on their Tate Sensorium project.

Throughout the duration of the project the Tate will be collecting data from the public (through wrist monitors) as they experience Tate Sensorium. This data will be measurements of their heart rate and skin conductivity.

Students will be visualising this data – to produce content for Tate’s social channels and website.

Postgraduate Diploma Design for Visual Communication


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